Learn the art of digital embroidery too: 🧵🪡 The first Complete Maksa-Academy Course

Welcome to the fascinating world of digital embroidery! If your passion is art and you want to discover the infinite possibilities of digital embroidery, the complete Maksa-Academy course will be your secret key to open the doors of creativity.

Is digital embroidery complicated for you?

We know how complicated it can be to use software to digitize images and create embroidery.

Furthermore, the lack of clear guides and the exorbitant cost of €2000 software can make embroidery a frustrating and demoralizing experience, even pushing you to give up.

But don't let that discourage you! Because we at Maksa-Academy will accompany you step by step, making your learning journey a journey without complications and full of enthusiasm.

Course content

You will acquire fundamental skills to become an expert in creating digitized embroidery files, logos, texts and designs.

These skills will allow you to not only be more creative, but also to trade, sell or offer digitizing services to those who embroider on clothing and other materials.

If you already have an embroidery machine or are thinking of getting one, our course will give you the skills needed to make every project digital, ready to be created.

Live lessons in screen sharing

The course will be dedicated solely and exclusively to each individual student 1 to 1, where you can conveniently plan the lessons according to your needs.

Each of your lessons will take place through live screen sharing, allowing you to see exactly what your teacher is doing and then replicate the steps.

This real-time interaction will not only give you a more engaging learning experience, but will also be the key to quickly unlocking your creative potential.

Design creations since the early days

With our course you can start creating after your first lesson!

You will easily learn the basics of digital embroidery, paving the way to express your creativity in a simple and accessible way.

Learning step by step will help you see real results right from the start, making the creation process a reality from your first lesson!


Installation of the digitization program

The digitization program will be installed directly on your PC (Windows)


Minimum package of 5 lessons, lasting 1 hour each.

Personalized assistance

We offer dedicated assistance to resolve any doubts or problems during the installation of the Software and also general assistance on your creations.


📚 5 Lessons at a cost of: €780

📚 8 Lessons at a cost of: €1170

🔥 BONUS Trial lesson: Only €40!


Francesco di Canosa, founder and creator of the Maksa brand.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of clothing and digital embroidery, Francesco will be your ideal teacher who will accompany you on this fascinating artistic journey.

Francesco is a dedicated teacher, ready to share not only his in-depth knowledge, but also his limitless inspiration and creativity.

Thanks to his experience, he will make your learning journey not only educational but also motivating and engaging!